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Lily Elizabeth HELLYER (1880 - 1964)

Lily Sarah HELLYER was born on 19 November 1881 in Tavistock, Devon, married Frederick William Thompson in 1930 and died in Tavistock, Devon, in 1964.

The following obituary and funeral write-up for Lily THOMPSON (nee HELLYER) was published in a local Tavistock newspaper...

14th AUGUST, 1964

She Loved Her Parish Church


It is with great regret that we record the passing of Mrs. Lily Thompson, of 23, Ford Street, Tavistock, who died at the Tavistock Hospital on 5th August, aged 83 years.

Mrs. Thompson was born in Devonport, but when she was eight years old she was brought to Tavistock and had lived here ever since.


For over seventy years she resided at 16, Trelawny Road, and many thousands of Tavistokians will remember her as the lady who sold flags outside the Tavistock Post Office - she always assisted the charities in this way, and many of them are the richer for the time she spent helping such organisations as the Earl Haig Poppy Day Fund, the St. Dunstan's Blind Institution, etc. For her services, she was presented with an award from the British Legion.

Her husband, Frederick, who was blinded in the first world war, died in 1945, and although they had no children, they adopted a three-year-old girl and brought her up.

She was a regular worshipper at the Tavistock Church, where she was greatly loved. She was also a member of the Mothers' Union. All who knew her held her in great respect, and she will be sadly missed.

The funeral service was held at the Tavistock Parish Church on Saturday. The service was conducted by the Rev. F. Hawkins. Mr. A. J. Marcom was organist for the metrical version of the 23rd Psalm and the hymn Let saints in earth in concert sing.


Family mourners were: Mr. and Mrs. R. Weston (Exeter), brother-in-law and sister; Mr. B. Hellyer Mr. and Mrs. L. Couling, Mr. and Mrs. W. Geake, Mr. and Mrs. Ivor Geake, Mr. and Mrs. J. Moyse, Mr. R. Geake, nieces and nephews.


Others present included:- Mrs. B. A. M. Searle, Mrs. George Baker (also representing Mrs. G. Hodgshon and the Mothers' Union), Mrs. W. Tucker, Mrs. R. F. Pinder (representing Ford Street Trustees), Mrs. W. Banham (representing the British Legion Women's Section), Mrs. G. S. Lawrence (Mr. Lawrence), Mrs. F. M. Rice, Mrs. B. Ash (also representing Miss B. Acton), Mrs. W. J. Fellowes (Mr. Fellowes), Mrs. H. L. Colenso, Mrs. J. Quick, Mrs. F. Stephens, Mrs. C. B. Hollins (also representing Mr. Hollins and St. Dunstans), Mr. and Mrs. F. Acton, Mr. and Mrs. I. Geake, Mrs. Couling, Mr. and Mrs. C. Mayne, Miss S. Redman, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Chanter Mrs. Trethewey, Miss Mayby, Miss W. Thomas, Miss B. Thomas, Miss Clotworthy.

Messrs. T. J. Brown (representing the Brown family), R. Leyman (also representing Mrs. J. Jackman), C. Durham (Mrs. Durham), E. V. Kingdon and S. J. Vowden (Mrs. Vowden).

Funeral arrangements were by Messrs. Morris Bros.


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