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Grace MARTIN - (1856 - 1925)

Grace MARTIN was born on December 15th 1856 in Bradford in North Devon and married William Henry SMALE in 1885. She lived with her husband at 22 Ford Street in Tavistock, Devon. Her grand-daughter, Phyllis Grace WEAVER (later GEAKE), joined them in 1921 after the death of Phyllis' mother, Florence.


Before Phyllis died in 2005, she recalled some of her childhood memories to her own grand-daughter, the author of this site. This is what she told her about Grace which, in turn, has been repeated from the author's memory of their conversations together...

Grace was a very kind lady whom Phyllis recalled with a great deal of affection and admiration. Phyllis said she had been very 'spoilt' when she lived with her grandparents. Grace used to take in waifs and strays. One such person was a young girl whom Phyllis seemed to recall was a little simple. This girl would rock Phyllis on her knee and repeat the words, "Emma's dilly maid!" Presumably Emma was the name of this girl. Grace would also bake buns or the such-like and hand them out to the working men in the community after a day's work (the author cannot recall where these men were employed).


Grace died in 1925 and is buried in Tavistock Cemetery in an unmarked grave with her daughter, Florence WEAVER (nee SMALE), and her husband.

The following information was obtained by a family member in 2007 through a telephone call with the Superintendent of the cemetery. The details have yet to be confirmed...

Tavistock Cemetery:
F114 - Florence Weaver buried 20th August 1921 age 33
F114a - Grace Smale buried 12th March 1925 age 68
F114c - William Henry Smale buried 1st January 1944 age 78

Notes: William Henry SMALE died at 42 Bannawell Street, Tavistock, and it is believed Grace SMALE and Florence WEAVER died at 22 Ford Street, Tavistock.

Position of the graves: take the left path. On the right, nearly at the top, just before turning right, there is a large tree. The plot with no headstone is between the names Ash and Kenworthy.

Position of grave to: left path. Grass path 5/6 graves in and 6 graves up towards the church.


Photographs of Grace can be seen in the 'Gallery' section of this web site:


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