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Eiza RICHARDSON - (Abt. 1805 - 1882)

The date and place of birth for Eliza RICHARDSON is a little ambiguous. Her death and burial records and the 1881 census estimate her date of birth being about 1805. The 1841 census estimates it at about 1811, the 1851 census estimates it at about 1813, the 1861 census estimates it at about 1816 and the 1871 census estimates it at about 1815. The truth is likely to be somewhere in the middle in order for her to be old enough to marry but young enough to have her youngest child. She was described as being born in Walden, Saffron Walden and Little Walden in various records.


Eliza was the second wife of Robert Ashby.

In 1828, banns of marriage were called between Robert Ashby of the parish of Hadstock (widower) and Eliza Richardson of Saffron Walden (single woman) on the three Sundays underwritten:
Sunday 14th September 1828
Sunday 21st September 1828
Sunday 28th September 1828

The Hadstock parish records also state...

5th October 1828 - Robert Ashby of this Parish (widower) and Eliza Richardson of the Parish of Saffron Walden (single woman) were married in this church by banns.

Photographs of the village of Hadstock and St Botolph's Church can be viewed in the Photo Gallery > Collections > Places > Hadstock, Essex section of this website and a video clip of Hadstock village and church can be seen in the 'Videos' section of the Gallery.


The 1841 census shows Eliza living in Hadstock with her husband, Robert, in the hundred of Freshwell, registration district of Linton. The couple went on to have six children together.


In 1851, the census shows Eliza was in Hadstock Street, Hadstock, which was in the Ecclesiastical parish of Rochester and the sub-registration district of Duxford. She was recorded as having been born in Walden. By this time, Eliza and Robert had their first three children. People living there at the time were...

Name Age 
Eliza Ashby 38 
George Ashby 2 
Lewis Ashby 9 
Mary Ann Ashby 7 
Robert Ashby 47 
Edward Newell 27 (Visitor) 


In February 1854, the Hadstock parish records show a baptism of a child called Emma, born to Robert and Eliza Ashby. It appears the child died shortly afterwards and, although difficult to read, was aged about 1 month old.


The 1861 census shows Eliza was a dressmaker, still living in Hadstock with her husband and their three youngest surviving children. This time her place of birth was recorded as Saffron Walden. Members of the household were...

Name Age 
Charles Ashby 9 
Eliza Ashby 45 
Fanny Ashby 4 
George Ashby 12 
Robert Ashby 55 


In 1871, Eliza was residing at No. 11 The Street, Hadstock. She is listed on the census as a farm labourer's wife. Those living there were...

Name Age 
Charles Ashby 19 
Eliza Ashby 56 
Fanny Ashby 14 
Robert Ashby 66 
Lewis Ostler 7 (Visitor) 


The 1881 census shows a 76 year old labourer's widow by the name of Eliza Ashby residing at the Workhouse of the Linton Union. She was recorded as being born in Little Walden and was a pauper inmate.


Eliza was recorded as being aged 77 when she died. Her death was registered between January and March 1882 in the district of Linton. The Hadstock parish records also show a burial of a 77 year old Eliza Ashby on 7th January 1882 and her abode was Hadstock.


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