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Edward WORGAN (abt. 1747 - 1815)

Edward WORGAN was born in Woolaston, Gloucestershire, in about 1747 and was the son of John and Margaret WORGAN. The details of his baptism in the Woolaston parish registers, as transcribed by www.forest-of-dean.net, are as follows...

Record_ID: 232039 
Entry_Number: 101 
Year: 1747 
Month: Jan 
Day: 19 
Parents_Surname: WORGAN 
Child_Forenames: Edward 
Fathers_Forenames: John 
Mothers_Forenames: Margareat [sic] 
Officiating_Minister: Somerset Jones Rector 
Event: Baptism 
Memoranda: Old style date 1746/47 
Register_Reference: P376 IN 1/2 
Page_Number: 16 
Parish_Chapel: Woolaston 
Soundex: W625


Edward married Sarah BANISTER in 1793 in Tirley. The parish register, as transcribed by www.forest-of-dean.net, reads as follows...

Record_ID: 68444 
Year: 1793 
Month: Jan 
Day: 24 
Grooms_Surname: WORGAN 
Grooms_Forenames: Edward 
Grooms_Residence: Woollaston Glos 
Brides_Surname: BANASTER 
Brides_Forenames: Sarah 
Register_Reference: P334 IN 1/4 
Parish_Chapel: Tirley 
Soundex_Groom: W625 
Soundex_Bride: B523 


Edward, a farmer, wrote a will in 1815, 3 days before he died. It reads as follows...

In the Name of God Amen I Edward Worgan Farmer of the Parish of Woollaston and County of Gloucester being sorely afflicted with bodily Pain but of sound Mind and Memory, do by their Presents in the presence of the undermentioned Witnesses make this my last Will and Testament First after recommending my Soul to my Saviour? Almighty God, I do order all my just debts and funeral expenses to be paid. Item I next give and devise all my Freehold Estates Called Woodside …….? House? And ….? …..? …..? and the cottage and lands called gains? And those 3 Cottages Orchard and Gardens situate at Neverend in the Parish of Woollaston & County of Gloucester and all other freehold Property I have in the parish of Hewelsfield in the said County with all my personal Property of form Utensils of Husbandry Hay Live Stock and all my personal property of whatever Description (with the exception of my Household Goods which I bequeath solely to my wife) Unto John Worgan Gent the Burnt House of the Parish of Woollaston John Woodcock of Eldersfield in the County of Worcester Gentleman and William Garland of Aylburton in the Parish of Lydney County of Gloucester Gentleman in Trusts or Trustees of all my real & personal Estates until my youngest son James Henry Worgan shall have obtained the full Age of twenty One years The profits of all my said property both freehold and personal to be at the disposal of my beloved Wife Sarah Worgan If she continues in a state of Widowhood Otherwise this Clause Clause in my Will to be void and the said Trustees to receive the Profits of all my Estate both Personal and freehold for the maintenance of my Children John Banister, Mary Ann, Eliza Peace, William Anthony, Caroline, Edward, & James Henry Worgan all the Children of my wife lawfully begotten - Now I give and devise my Son John Banister Worgan all that Estate called Woodside in the Parishes of Woollaston and Hewelsfield and the Cottage & Gardens and lands called gains? to him and his lawful Heirs for ever but in default of this I devise the said lands and Houses to descend to my two Sons Edward and James Henry Worgan I also give and devise unto my Son Edward Worgan all those Cottages Gardens and Orchards situate at Neverend in the Parish of Woollaston at the decease of his Mother Sarah Worgan Also I give and devise to my Son James Henry Worgan Forty Pounds sterling to ….? him apprentice at the Age of 16? yrs to any Trade he may like the Money to be provided out of the Share ? of the Farm l Also give and devise unto my Daughters Mary Ann, Eliza Peace, and Caroline Worgan my Daughters the Sum of One Hundred Pounds lawful Money of the realm to each of them that is to say Mary Ann to be paid hers 12 Months after the Decease of my Wife Sarah, Eliza Peace the Second Year after the decease of my Wife and Caroline to receive her hundred pounds 3 years after the decease of my said Wife out of the Estates I have devised to my Son John Banister Worgan or his Heirs Now should my Wife Sarah choose to yield up the Farm called Woodside unto my Son John Banister Worgan The Trustees John Worgan John Woodcock and William Garland are to Cause the rent to be valued the Profits of which Sums according to Lawful Interest are to be paid to my said Wife provided she remains in a state of Widowhood for the maintenance of herself and Children until they all have severally attained the full Age of twenty one years provided she should my said Wife live so long - Otherwise to be received and paid by The above Trustees for the uses of my Children - I also give and devise to my Son John my Silver Cup - Provided my Wife Sarah should die before this my Will can be ……..? Then my Son John Banister Worgan is to be in full prossession of all my Estates after the same is valued by the Trustees who are to settle? Securities? for all the Clauses of this my last Will and Testament When the Trustees Powers or their Heirs are to cease and be null and Void

Sealed and
Signed in the Presence
of Us the undermentioned Witnesses
This Seventh Day of April in the
Year of our Lord One Thousand
Eight hundred and fifteen

[signed] Edward Worgan
[witnesses signed]
Susannah Clarke
James Pitcher
Wm Aldriel?

1st October 1815

On which day appeared personally Sarah Worgan and alleged that Edward Worgan late of the Parish of Woolaston in the County and Diocese of Glocester Farmer had in his lifetime duly made and published his last Will and Testament in writing …….? But appointed an Executor or E……? thereof and afterwards departed this life without altering or revoking the same? and that she the said Sarah Worgan was and is the natural and lawful Widow and Relict of the said Edward Worgan deceased –
Wherefore she prayed that Administration of all and singular the Goods Chattels Rights and Credits of the said deceased with his said Will annexed might be granted and committed to her upon giving such good and sufficient security as in this behalf is required and …? faith

Set Sworn with the Will annexed ….? As above ….?
Under £100
Chas. Palmer Sur.

Know All Men by those Presents that We Sarah Worgan of Woolaston in the County of Gloucester Widow John Woodcock of Eldersfield in the County of Worcester Gentleman and William Clarke of Tirley in the same? County Yeoman are held and firmly bound unto the Honble the Right Revd Henry Lord Bishop of Gloucester in Two hundred Pounds of good and lawful Money of Great Britain to be paid unto the said Lord Bishop or to his certain Attorney his Executors Admins patrons or Assigns To which Payment well and truly to be made We oblige ourselves and each of us by himself in kind? For the whole our and each and every of our Heirs Executors and Administrators firmly by these Presents Sealed with our Seals dated the Seventh day of October in the fifty fifth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland King Defender of the Faith And in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and fifteen……

(For some unknown reason, Edward's daughter, Elizabeth, was not included in the will. The trustee, John WORGAN of the Burnt House, was Edward's brother who died the following year.)


Edward died in 1815. The details of his burial were recorded in the Woolaston parish registers, as transcribed by www.forest-of-dean.net...

Record_ID: 49105 
Entry_Number: 24 
Year: 1815 
Month: Apr 
Day: 14 
Surname: WORGAN 
Forenames: Edward 
Residence: Woolaston 
Age_at_death: 60 years [Probably mistranscribed. Should be 68]
Officiating_Minister: C Bryan 
Event: Burial 
Register_Reference: P376 IN 1/9 
Page_No: 3 
Parish_Chapel: Woolaston 
Soundex: W625 


Another family history researcher saw Edward's grave several years ago and, at the time, noted down the details on the headstone...

Edward Worgan died 10th Ap 1815 aged 68, Caroline Banister dau died 11th Ap 1847 aged 42, also Sarah Jones relict of Edward Worgan died 20th Aug 1858 aged 58

...Sarah's age should be 85, not 58, - the parish registers have 85. She evidently remarried but appears to have been buried with her first husband.


The Woolaston Churchyard Survey carried out by the Woolaston Village History Group states the following...

In Memory of EDWARD WORGAN of this Parish who died the 10th of April 1815 Aged 68 Years
Caroline Banister Daughter of the above died April 11th 1847 Aged 42 Years
Also Sarah Jones relict of the above Edward Worgan died August 20th 1858 Aged 85 Years


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