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Margaret WORGAN (abt. 1741 - 1793)

Margaret WORGAN was born in Woolaston, in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, in about 1741 and was the third child and eldest daughter of John and Margaret WORGAN. The details of her baptism in the Woolaston parish registers, as transcribed by www.forest-of-dean.net, are as follows...

Record ID: 231983
Entry Number: 45 
Year: 1741 
Month: Dec 
Day: 26 
Parents Surname: WORGAN 
Child Forenames: Margaret 
Fathers Forenames: John 
Mothers Forenames: Margaret 
Officiating Minister: James Meredith Rector 
Event: Baptism 
Register Reference: P376 IN 1/2 
Page Number: 8 
Parish Chapel: Woolaston


Margaret married Benjamin PITCHER, the elder, in 1773 in St Oswald's Church, Rockhapmton, Gloucestershire, and the details in the parish registers, as transcribed by www.scribes-alcove.co.uk, state the following...

Marriage: 6 Jul 1773 at Rockhampton
Groom: Benjamin Pitcher
Abode: Rockhampton
Bride: Margaret Worgan
Abode: Woollastone
Witnesses: Robt Tanner, Arthur Screen

Photographs of St Oswald's Church can be seen in the Photo Gallery > Collections > Places > Rockhampton, Gloucestershire section of this website.


Margaret died in 1793. She would have been about 52 years old. Although she was resident in Henbury, her burial service took place in St Andrew's Church, Alvington, Gloucestershire. One can only speculate that she might have been buried in the same place as her parents (although her mother outlived her). The Alvington parish registers, as transcribed by www.forest-of-dean.net, show the following details...

St Andrew's Church, Alvington
St Andrew's Church, Alvington

Record_ID: 135727 
Entry_Number: 189 
Year: 1793 
Month: May 
Day: 10 
Surname: PITCHER 
Forenames: Margaret 
Residence: Henbury 
Event: Burial 
Memoranda: (Widow) 
Register_Reference: P12 IN 1/2 
Page_No: 55 
Parish_Chapel: Alvington 
Soundex: P326

A video of St Andrew's Church at Alvington can be viewed in the videos section of this website.


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