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Thankful Thursday - Happy Birthday to Her Majesty

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As Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 85th birthday today, I thought I'd check my family tree to see if anyone in it celebrated a special event on the same day.

I couldn't find any specific birthdays although that's not to say there aren't any (for most individuals, I just have an estimated birth year). However, I did notice a double wedding celebrated on the 21st April 1919 in Blakeney, Gloucestershire. Sisters, Annie and Helen Fryer married Stanley Dutton and Francis Henry Andrews Pow respectively.

According to my family tree software, Annie and Helen were my half second cousins 4 times removed. Put another way, they were the grand-daughters of my 5 x great-grandfather, John Fryer (abt 1762-1816). Stanley Dutton was a commercial traveller and Francis Pow was a Lt. in the Durham Light Infantry.

I think at 85, the Queen has done and continues to do a marvellous job. Thank you Ma'am for your dedication to serving the people of the Commonwealth.

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