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On This Day...27th - 31st December

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1933 - my great-aunt's first husband, Edward Jenkins, was tragically killed in a mining accident in Coedely, South Wales, when the roof of the mine collapsed.

1746 - William Free & Martha Hawes, were married in St Botolph's Church, Hadstock in Essex. William was my 4 x great-grandfather and Martha was his first wife.


1851 - Stephen Dando, the son of my 5 x great-grandparents, died in New York in his eighties. He was described as having "beautiful white locks".


1834 - Thomas Henry Banister & Caroline Worgan were married in St Paul, Bristol, 177 years ago.


1752 - Mary Dando, the daughter of my 6 x great-grandparents, was born in Dursley, Gloucestershire. She later moved to New York and became her nephew's (Stephen Dando above) housekeeper .

1813 - my 4 x great-grandparents, Richard Fryer & Ann Jones, were married by Licence with the consent of parents in the Parish Church of Arlingham, Gloucestershire.

Richard Fryer & Ann Jones' Marriage Allegation dated 23 June 1813
Richard Fryer & Ann Jones' Marriage Allegation
dated 23 June 1813


1839 - Jane Clark was believed to have been the third wife of my 3 x great-grandfather, Joseph Dando's, six wives. She died of pulmonary consumption at the age of 33, 172 years ago. Jane is buried in Saint Peter Churchyard, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.

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On This Day...21st - 26th December

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1802 - Benjamin Pitcher, the younger & Sarah Rice were my 4 x great-grandparents and they married in St Bartholomew's Church in Coaley, Gloucestershire, this day 209 years ago.

St Bartholomew's Church, Coaley
St Bartholomew's Church, Coaley

1828 - a few years later, Richard King Fryer & Esther Newton celebrated their marriage at Gloucester St Mary de Crypt.


1859 - my great-great-grandparents, Stephen Free & Mary Ann Ashby, were married at Hadstock in Essex. Stephen was a widower and he was 44 years old at that time. Mary was 16 years old and 8 days.

1903 - Noel Leigh Stuart King was probably so named because he was born in Leigh on Sea, Essex, so close to Christmas.


1793 - John Dando, the son of Stephen Dando and Elizabeth (nee Jones), was born 218 years ago in Dursley, Gloucestershire.


1862 - John Pitcher & Jane Willmott chose Christmas Day to get married in Claines, Worcestershire. John's sister, Mary Ann, had married Charles Newbold Hibbitt in the same church just 18 days beforehand when John had been a witness.


1810 - my 4 x great-grandmother, Elizabeth Raynor, married Thomas Avins in Chilvers Coton, Warwickshire. Thomas was the first of her two husbands.

1676 - 335 years ago, Thomas Pitchard & Alice Powell were married in All Saints Church in Newland, Gloucestershire. The groom was resident at nearby Clearwell and the bride was from Redbrook.

1878 - William A Thompson & Charlotte Dando tied the knot in Manhatten, New York. Charlotte was a widow who had previously been married to John Jones.

1872 - Edith Ellen Martin was born in Bradford, Devon, 139 years ago. She was the illegitimate daughter of my great-great-grandmother, Grace Martin (later Smale). Edith was like a mother to my gran when she and her husband, John Luxton Martin, took in my gran, Phyllis Grace Weaver, when she was 8 or 9 after Grace died. Grace and her husband had been caring for Phyllis since their daughter, Florence (Phyllis' mother), had died a few years earlier.

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On This Day...10th - 20th December

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1903 - my great-great-grandfather, George Geake, died at the age of 66 and probate was granted to his daughter, Maria, on 14 January 1904. He left 18 12s. 7d.

1844 - John Fryer & Sarah Watkins were married in St Mary the Virgin's Church, Arlingham, Gloucestershire, 167 years ago.


1915 - it was a war-time wedding when my great-grandparents, Henry James Weaver & Florence Smale, married at St Andrew's Church, Curry Rivel, Somerset. The couple had very little time together as Henry was killed in the war less than a year later.

Henry J Weaver & Florence Smale
Henry J Weaver & Florence Smale.
Possibly a wedding photograph.


1876 - Henry Weaver's sister, Annie Arnold Weaver, was born in Curry Rivel, Somerset.

1897 - 114 years ago, Percy Smale, was born in Tavistock, Devon.


1856 - Percy's mother, my great-great-grandmother, Grace Martin, was born in the village of Bradford in North Devon.

1843 - another great-great-grandmother of mine, Mary Ann Ashby, was born in Hadstock in Essex.

1784 - 10 year old Thomas Dando died and was buried in the Cemetery at Rodborough Tabernacle near Stroud, Gloucestershire.


1895 - my great-uncle, Alfred Joseph Hibbitt, was born in Portsea Island, Hampshire, 116 years ago.


1759 - John Ball died at the age of 59 and was buried in St Briavels Churchyard, Gloucestershire, a few days later.


1790 - my 4 x great-grandparents, Luke Hibbitt & Mary Leerin/Leeson (the surname is ambiguous), were married in St Peter & St Paul's Church, Exton, Rutland, 221 years ago.

1802 - my 4 x great-grandfather, Joseph Dando, was born in Bristol. He was the eldest son of Joseph Dando, the elder, and Ann, nee Murch.

1976 - Arthur Leslie James Fryer died at the age of 66 and was buried in Chepstow Municipal Cemetery.

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On This Day...1st - 9th December

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1898 - it's the anniversary of my grandpa's birthday. Born at Soldier's Point, Dundalk, Ireland, Charles George Hibbitt would have been 113 years old on 1st December.

1738 - Richard King, the youngest son of my 8 x great-grandparents, Thomas & Margaret King, died in Fretherne, Gloucestershire, and was buried there a few days later.


1813 - Sarah didn't need to change her surname when John Rowlandson & Sarah Rowlandson were married at Hadstock, Essex, 198 years ago.


1857 - Henry Lane & Hannah Young were married at Aston Ingham, Herefordshire.

1872 - Emily Jane Weaver, eldest daughter of my great-great-grandparents, was born in Curry Rivel, Somerset.


1797 - my 5 x great-grandmother, Ann Dando (nee Brothers), died at the age of 54 and was buried at Rodborough Tabernacle near Stroud, Gloucestershire.


1848 - 163 years ago, my 5 x great-grandfather, William Henry Weaver (known as Henry or Harry), was born illegitimately in Curry Rivel, Somerset.

1857 - my 3 x great-grandparents, William Smale & Mary Jane Moore, celebrated their marriage at St Mary's Church, Black Torrington, Devon.

1861 - Nathaniel Dando, the younger, & Rosa Ann Dingle tied the knot at Christ Church, Turnham Green, Middlesex. Nathaniel, a warehouseman, had previously been widowed.

1899 - just before the turn of the century, Thomas Sargent, died, aged 75, and his headstone can be seen at Chepstow Municipal Cemetery, Chepstow, Monmouthshire.


1862 - my great-great-grandparents, Charles Newbold Hibbitt & Mary Ann Pitcher, were married at St John Baptist Church, Claines, Worcestershire. Their original marriage certificate has been handed down and is the oldest original document I have in my possession.

1862 Marriage Certificate for Charles N Hibbitt & Mary A Pitcher
1862 Marriage Certificate for Charles N Hibbitt & Mary A Pitcher
Click the image to see a larger version.

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