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1800 - James Rouquet Phillips & Sarah Dando were married at St Augustine the Less, Bristol. Sarah was the only surviving daughter of my 5 x great-grandparents, John Dando & Ann (nee Brothers).

1746 - my 8 x great-grandfather, Thomas King, died 265 years ago. He was buried at St Mary's the Virgin Church in Fretherne, Gloucestershire. His tomb was recorded in the Historical Monumental & Genealogical Collections of Gloucestershire by Ralph Bigland but any marker there might have been is no longer visible.


1869 - the youngest child of my 3 x great-grandfather, Joseph Dando, was born 142 years ago. George Dando was born in Ireland and emigrated to America with his mother and her second husband when he was 4 years old.

1819 - Nathaniel Dando, the younger, was born in St Peter Westcheap, London.


1916 - my gran, Phyllis Grace Weaver (later Geake), was born 95 years ago at the home of her grandparents, 22 Ford Street, Tavistock, Devon.


1847 - Edward Warren died in Chepstow on the 19th September 1847 and his body was brought back to Fretherne for burial on 25th September.


1947 - the marriage of Basil Anthony Geake & Gertrude Toska Dorothea Bein took place at St Eustachius Church, Tavistock, Devon, 64 years ago. Basil was my grandpa's brother and his bride was from Germany.

Basil Geake & Gertrude Bein
Basil Geake & Gertrude Bein


1823 - the eldest child of Nathaniel Dando, the elder, and his second wife, Caroline (nee Hewitt), was born. The child's name was Augustus Dando and, according to the International Genealogical Index, she was a girl - the original sources still need to be checked. Sadly, the child died aged about 4 months.


1803 - Nathaniel's sister, Mary Dando, was born in Dursley, Gloucestershire.


1922 - Malcolm Douglas Mateo Dando & Sybil Flora Roylance were married in St Stephen's Church, East Twickenham, Middlesex. The service was officiated by the Rev. Canon Robert Stuart King who was married to Malcolm's elder sister, Ruby.

Sentimental Sunday: Hello Great-great-grandpa, how do you do!

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Were your ancestors talented, did they bring a little sunshine into their friends' and neighbours' lives, or were they good-for-nothing scoundrels or somewhere in between? Imagine you could travel back in time and visit your predecessors. Who would you visit and why?

I quite like the notion of visiting bad-boy, William Elbert Dando, my great-great-grandfather. He may not have been a particularly pleasant person to know. Read his biography which outlines his escapades which include bankruptcy, assault, kidnap and bigamy. Nevertheless, I can't help thinking he might have had a certain charm in order to persuade those unsuspecting investors to dabble in his dodgy schemes. Was he a larger-than-life character or more sinister than that? The paper-trail doesn't reveal everything......Read more »

Site updates - Surname: Arnold, Bacon, Wagstaff, Avins, Garlick, Roylance, Walker

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Family Tree section

  • Added a few facts and footnotes for my great-great-grandmother, Jane Arnold. More facts to follow at a later date.
  • Added facts and footnotes for my 3 x great-grandfather, George Arnold junior, as well as for his first wife, my 3 x great-grandmother, Mary Bacon, a new name recently discovered since ordering their daughter, Jane's, birth certificate.
  • Added Mary Bacon's parents' names, Samuel Bacon & Martha Wagstaff, together with Mary's two siblings, Sarah & Thomas Bacon.
  • Discovered the maiden name of George Arnold's (above) mother, Elizabeth Avins, who was the wife of George Arnold senior, my 4 x great-grandparents. Also added the names of George & Elizabeth's children.
  • Added the second wife of George Arnold junior, Mary Ann Garlick, with a few facts and footnotes. Also added this couple's children.
  • Added the names of Mary Ann Garlick's parents and sister.
  • Added Sybil Flora Roylance's parent's names, Robert William Roylance & Ellen Lillie May Walker. Also Sybil's grandfathers' names, George Thomas Roylance and William Walker.
Relevant place names: Nuneaton and Coventry in Warwickshire.

The Arnolds and Bacons were silk ribbon weavers. This was a major industry in Nuneaton during the 18th and 19th centuries but went into decline in about 1860.

Those Places Thursday: Lowestoft Sands - old photos

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Lowestoft Sands
Click the image to see a larger version.

Lowestoft is the most easterly point of the UK. This old photograph of Lowestoft Sands was probably taken by one of my grandparents, Charles George Hibbitt or Ivy Alice Hibbitt (nee Dando), some time during the 1950's or 1960's.

(From my grandpa's collection of old slides - see this post for more information.)

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On This Day...8th - 14th September

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1916 - the 8th September sees the anniversary of the tragic death of my great-grandfather, Henry James Weaver, killed by accident in World War I. He was reportedly killed with two others by a bomb or hand grenade accidentally detonating in a soldier's hand while they were resting at the base in France after serving in the trenches. Henry was buried in Merville Communal Cemetery Extension and his daughter, my gran, visited his grave for the very first time in 1999 when she was aged 83. She'd been born 10 days after Henry's death.

Phyllis Grace Geake (nee Weaver) placing a wreath on her father's grave with her great-grandson
Phyllis Grace Geake (nee Weaver) placing a wreath on her father's grave
with her great-grandson

1919 - Alfred Joseph Hibbitt & Georgina Emma May Williams were married in the Register Office, Plympton St Mary, Plymouth, Devon, 92 years ago. Sadly the marriage was not to last and the couple were divorced in 1928.

1911 - Rosa P M Fryer was born exactly 100 years ago in Chepstow, Wales.


1888 - 123 years ago Thomas Williams & Georgiana Priscilla Jones Fryer were married in Tidenham in Gloucestershire. Thomas was a widower and one of the witnesses, George Fryer, was most likely Georgiana's youngest brother.


1851 - the youngest child of Richard Fryer and Ann Bailey Pitcher, Benjamin Thomas Fryer, was born at Penylan Farm, Llangattock Vibon Avel, Monmouthshire, Wales. I visited the farm a couple of years ago. The original house is in private ownership but the barns have been converted and the owners now run a B&B and self-catering holiday cottages. This video shows a series of photos of the sun rising over the Black Mountains seen from the front of the B&B. There are also wonderful views from the fields at the back of the farm house.

Views from the fields behind Penylan Farm
Views from the fields behind Penylan Farm


1856 - when Benjamin Fryer (above) was 5 years and one day old, his mother, Ann Bailey Fryer (nee Pitcher), died at Etloe, Awre, Gloucestershire. The cause of death was described as a 'visitation of God'!

1886 - Malcolm Douglas Mateo Dando was born 125 years ago in Marylebone, London. He was the son of my 2 x great-grandfather, William Elbert Dando, and Emma Sheriff.

Site Updates - Family Tree Reports

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Resources > Family Tree Reports section

  • Updated all the family tree reports. Bear in mind this is a work in progress and further additions will be made as and when time allows.

On This Day...1st - 7th September

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1904 - my gran, Ivy Alice Hibbitt (nee Dando), would have been 107 on the 1st September. She was born in 2 Market Street, Saffron Walden, Essex, where her grandmother ran a sweet shop and her father, Charles L.E.E. Dando, was a tobacconist there before he became a dentist. The shop was known as the Golden Butterfly, named after a brand of tobacco, and was still there more than 100 years later when my parents visited in 2008.

The Golden Butterfly, Saffron Walden
The Golden Butterfly, Saffron Walden, Essex

1812 - Nathaniel Dando (the elder) & Hannah Langston were married in St Mary, Islington. Hannah was Nathaniel's first wife and she bore him six children before she died in 1821, aged 30.


1870 - my 5 x great-grandfather, William Horn, died in Black Torrington, Devon, at the age of 78. Grant of probate was issued to his eldest daugher, Mary Ann Hall, and he left under 100 which would have been a reasonable amount back then.


1924 - Basil Anthony Geake, my great-uncle, was born in the district of Pontypridd, Wales, most probably Gilfach Goch, where the family resided for many years before returning to Devon.


1809 - my 5 x great-grandparents, Thomas Smale & Elizabeth Longman, were married in St Michael's Church, Shebbear, Devon, 202 years ago.

Those Places Thursday - Big Ben undergoing maintenance

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The Clock Tower housing Big Ben
Click the image to see a larger version.

This old photograph of the Clock Tower which houses the great bell of Big Ben was probably taken by my gran, Ivy Alice Hibbitt (nee Dando), some time during the 1950's. At the time, the tower was covered in scaffolding and the Statue of Queen Boadicea (or Boudica) in her chariot can be seen in the foreground.

(From my grandpa's collection of old slides - see this post for more information.)

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On This Day...25th - 31st August

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1814 - 197 years ago, John Fryer & Prudence Gower were married in the church at Gloucester St Mary de Lode. John was the son of my 5 x great-grandparents, John Fryer (1762-1816) and his first wife, Phoebe (nee Taysum).

1836 - Half-brother of John above, Thomas Fryer married Sarah Saunders in Stonehouse in Gloucestershire. Thomas' parents were John Fryer (1762-1816) and his second wife, Carolina (originally Browning). Thomas was also baptized on 25th August, thirty-four years earlier in 1802.


1830 - Helen Dando was born in Norwood, Surrey, 181 years ago. She was the daughter of Nathaniel Dando, the elder, and his second wife, Caroline (nee Hewitt).


1850 - Francis Ann Pitcher was born. She was the grand-daughter of my 5 x great-grandparents, Benjamin Pitcher & Margaret (nee Worgan).

1813 - also on this day, my 5 x great-grandparents, William Horn & Ann Bayley, were married in St Mary's Church, Black Torrington, Devon.

Site Updates: Surnames - Dando, Langston, Hewitt, Hansard, Dingle, Hill

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Family Tree section

  • Added a few more facts and footnotes for Nathaniel Dando, the elder.
  • Added Nathaniel's children by his 1st wife, Hannah Langston, together with some facts.
  • Added their daughter Amelia Dando's husband, George Hansard, and a few facts.
  • Also added George's parents, James & Martha Hansard, and his siblings. George's sister, Hannah Mary Hansard, was already online as she was the 1st wife of Nathaniel Dando, the younger, Amelia's brother.
  • Added John Dingle, father of Rosa Ann Dingle, 2nd wife of Nathaniel Dando, the younger.
  • Added Nathaniel Dando, the elder's, children by his 2nd wife, Caroline Hewitt, and also added Caroline's father, John Hewitt.
  • Added Nathaniel & Caroline's daughter, Adelaide Dando's husband, Edward Hill, and the Hills' daughter, Adelaide Maria Hill.
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