Ancestry enhances its family tree viewer

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Ancestry has improved its tree viewer to let you more easily see and move around between the generations of your family tree:

  • Expandable generations in the Pedigree View so you can see more than five generations in any one line.

  • Updated Family View displays more generations as well as the extended family.

  • Zoom in to an area of your tree or panaround.

  • View your tree in the full width of your browser window.

  • Printer-friendly feature.

Christmas around the corner - genealogy gift ideas (UK)

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With Christmas fast approaching, you may be looking for some gift ideas for your family history enthusiast so I've put together a few links to give you inspiration........Read more »

Examples of 17th Century Handwriting

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To help you decipher those old documents, the link below shows some examples of letters of the alphabet from the 17th century which have been found in parish registers:
17th Century Handwriting

Site updates - Henry James Weaver

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The 1911 Census is coming to

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The 1911 Census will soon be available on the new Diamond Subscription at The subscription costs 149.95 for a year but there is currently a 20 discount - (see link). The project will start late 2010, with an anticipated completion date of summer 2011.

Other subscriptions are available plus a Pay-as-you-go option.

Will of John Worgan of Alvington - 1673. Where does he fit in?

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Here is a transcript of a will for John Worgan of Alvington dated 1673. Might he be an ancestor? My proven line of Worgans stops at John Worgan (died 1791), buried at Alvington. Although he might have been the son of John Worgan & Anne Worgan who married in Woolaston in 1700, I'm still looking for further evidence to support this. The will for the John Worgan who eventually died in 1677 reads as follows........Read more »

Site updates - Dearing and Hellier

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Family Tree

Reference websites

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Some useful reference websites with digital databases. Some are free to search and others might require a subscription or may be available to access remotely for free via your library membership........Read more »

Non-subscription genealogical websites

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Various links to some well used genealogical websites which are available to search for free........Read more »

Ancestry release new military collections

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Military Campaign Medal and Award Rolls, 1793-1949
Provides details of almost eight million soldiers over three centuries of warfare. Campaign medals were usually awarded to everyone who fought in particular battles, so these records are virtual roll calls of famous conflicts such as the Napoleonic, Crimean and Boer Wars. They don't include the two World Wars you'll find the WWI rolls in a separate collection while those for WWII aren't publicly available.

Naval Medal and Award Rolls, 1793-1972
A similarly extensive collection honouring forebears who served at sea. The Royal Navy and Marines have been at the centre of our military actions for hundreds of years, so among these 564,000 records you'll find seamen at the Battle of Trafalgar, The Crimea and the Zulu War. This time the World Wars are also included.

Citations of the Distinguished Conduct Medal, 1914-1920
These records detail the courageous people who were awarded a medal considered second only to the Victoria Cross in its significance during World War I - find a forebear here, and you have reason to feel extremely proud. As well as each serviceman's name, rank and regiment, you'll find the full story of how they earned this illustrious reward.
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