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I recently discovered a little more about Samuel Dando, the missing son of John Dando and Ann (nee Brothers), my 5 x great-grandparents. John Dando's will, dated 1809, states that he hadn't heard from Samuel for 4 years and was apparently out of the country. In 1799, we find Samuel residing with his brother, Stephen, in New York. According to the book, 'The Old Merchants of New York City - Vol 5, by Walter Barrett, clerk - published in 1885', Samuel was making hats for a New York merchant, Samuel Norsworthy, in 1828. The writer apparently mistook their aunt, Mary, for their mother...

"Mr. Norsworthy stood six feet two inches high, and was well proportioned. He wore a low-crowned hat, made by Dando. They made his hats for thirty years. When he arrived here [in 1794] he found Mary Dando, the widow, living at 166 William street, where she kept a china store. In 1798, Stephen Dando started a hat store at 3 Maiden lane, where his mother resided. Next year Stephen took in his brother Sam at No. 11 Maiden lane. Stephen made the first hat for Mr. Norsworthy in 1798, and Samuel, who outlived his brother, made his last hat in 1828."

Stephen lived in New York until he died in 1851. It seems a shame that he had not managed to keep his father and brother in contact with each other.

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