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Thanksgiving Thursday: WDYTYA US Series 2 - Ashley Judd's Pilgrim ancestor

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Series 2 of the American 'Who Do You Think You Are' TV show hit our screens last week and last night's episode featured the film star, Ashley Judd. Of course, I know this is old news to American readers but I thought it worth commenting on anyway.

The first part of the program featured an ancestor of Ashley's who was in the American Civil War but it was the second part which most fascinated me. Timed to coincide with Thanksgiving, the program unravelled the life of William Brewster, one of the Pilgrim Fathers who sailed to America on the Mayflower in 1620.

Ashley travelled to England and visited York, Cambridge and Boston before ending up at Plymouth in Devon. The final scene showed Ashley and her father standing at the Mayflower Steps Memorial on Plymouth's Barbican, a place I'm very familiar with, being a native of Plymouth (see my previous post).

The story was very interesting but I find, in general, the American show skips along at a far greater pace than the English version. There isn't so much time given to the celebrity's musings about what they've discovered so far. Generations are quickly pushed to one side as they rush towards the story they're featuring. I imagine the reason for this is because of the need to build in time to show adverts in the US whereas the BBC has the luxury of being able to dedicate a complete hour to each episode.

So in summary, a great subject for the second show in the US 2nd series but it left me wanting more.

For UK viewers who missed it, the program can be viewed on the BBC iPlayer until 14th December.

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Sorting Saturday: Flip-Pal can't sell me their mobile scanner

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The Flip-Pal Mobile ScannerAmongst the genealogy community I've read so much about the Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner and I can see the merits in having such a useful little gadget. In fact, I'm sold on having one except, wait for it, you still can't get one in the UK.

I've been in touch with the manufacturer and their response was...

"Unfortunately, we do not yet distribute in UK. Of course we are actively investigating what that would take. It is a matter of both the distribution/support processes as well as regulatory approvals. Currently, even if you could have a friend in the US or Canada order and ship it to you, the warranty is not valid outside of the US."

I replied that I didn't mind about the warranty but didn't know anyone in the US who could help me get hold of a Flip-Pal but the reply was much the same.

How disappointing that after more than a year (perhaps longer) since launch they still haven't come up with a way of sending the Flip-Pal abroad. I can't believe it takes rocket science!

The Flip-Pal Mobile ScannerAh well, I'll have to start looking around for an alternative so I can quickly and easily scan the numerous boxes and albums of photographs which I have in my possession. If anyone can suggest something similar that is available in the UK (not sure the hand-held ones are all that good), please could you let me know, either by leaving a comment or using my contact form.

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Find My Past the TV show

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I can't believe I've overlooked the television show, Find My Past. 4 of the 10 episodes have already been aired but I shall definitely be watching as from tomorrow (Thursday).

I imagine it takes a similar format to Who Do You Think You Are but with ordinary people. Each episode features three members of the public who are connected to each other through an event in history. This week will be about the Mutiny on the Bounty.

The program goes out on Thursdays at 9pm on the Yesterday Channel: Freeview channel 12, Sky 537 and Virgin Media 203. I understand that repeats are aired the next day.

Leave a tribute and donate to the Royal British Legion

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Post a tribute of remembrance at Ancestry's Facebook page and they'll donate 1 to the British Legion up to their target of 10,000.

I posted the following about my great-grandfather...

Pte Henry James Weaver 4732, my great-grandfather, killed by accident on 8th September 1916 whilst at the base in France. Buried at Merville.

See more about Henry on my website.

Stop Press! Free WWI records at Ancestry for 4 days.

Category: General are offering a selection of their World War I records FOR FREE between 10th-13th November.

For 4 days you can access:

My blog is one year old today

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Hibbitt Family History BlogIt's been 12 months since I started my blog (the main site has been going for about 4 years now) and in that time I've posted over 150 articles ranging from items from Mrs Beeton's Cookery Book, images from my grandpa's collection of slides, 'On This Day' in the history of my family, features on specific ancestors, a slection of genealogical links and tips, and more.

I don't have a favourite post but I like my 'Ancestors Corner' category most of all as it fleshes out some of the details of my forbears and, at times, allows me to indulge in my own thoughts and draw my own conclusions.

I'm not entirely certain what sort of following I have so if you'd like to say hi, please drop me a line in the comments section. I'd love to hear from you.

Here's looking forward to my next blogiversary!

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Family history gifts for Christmas

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As Christmas approaches some of you may be thinking about a genealogy gift to give to someone special or maybe you'd like to give your own family the nod about something you'd quite like them to buy you.

Last year, I posted some links to offer inspiration for the perfect gift and this is a quickie to remind you once again. Here's the link...

Christmas around the corner - genealogy gift ideas (UK)

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Time for a moan - my content is NOT in the public domain

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Have you ever discovered your photographs dotted around the internet on other people's websites or family trees without so much as a courteous approach? Without accreditation, these images sometimes spread around the net and the source of the original content is lost completely. Quite often, a lot of time and effort has gone into capturing these images, not to mention the cost of travelling to some of these places to obtain the pictures. I don't know about you but I hate this level of audacity and it's something that gets right under my skin.

The family history community are, on the whole, very willing to share their efforts with others and quite often I've found it's been of mutual benefit. However, there still remain some 'leeches' out there who simply take and don't give back (or worse still, take without permission).

It only takes a minute or two to send an email and there's every possibility that in doing so, some good can come of it. For example, I recently contacted a distant cousin with whom I'd been in contact with in the past, to request permission to use her photographs for a particular project. In the course of our email discussion, she mentioned that transcripts of the parish records up to 1812 and graveyard records for Exton are now online. For anyone with Hibbitt ancestry, this will most likely be of great value as the majority of Hibbitts seem to trace back to this small village in Rutland. Many thanks, Caroline.

In an attempt to get others to play fair I've recently added a 'Copyright & Conditions of Use' page to my website. Please could I ask anyone already using any of my content from either my blog or my main website, that they add the required accreditation. Likewise, if anybody spots an image on my site that I've omitted to give credit for, please let me know and I'll readily rectify the situation asap.

Moan over!

Sorting Saturday: 'My Library' in Google Books

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I recently discovered a useful facility within Google Books - I'm not sure if it's new or been around for a while but if you're anything like me you'll come across something new about an ancestor in a book in Google and forget to make a note of it there and then. This is where 'My library' comes into its own.

Sign into Google with your Google account, go to Google Books and you'll see a menu on the left called 'My library'. When you find a book you want to save, just click on the 'Add to My Library' link in the left-hand menu. If you've created new bookshelves (ie. categories) you can add the books straight into them. I've so far categorized my bookshelves by surname.

Once a book is in your library you can add a note. This is where I write a brief explanation of what I've found of interest in the book together with the page number so I can easily identify what I'm looking for when I'm ready to document my sources.

'My Library' in Google Books
'My Library' in Google Books

[Why Sorting Saturday? This phrase has been included in the title in order to take part in Daily Blogging Prompts at Geneabloggers] - New Military and Militia Records

Category: General have recently launched several more military collections as follows:
  • 1861 Worldwide Army Index
  • Royal Fusiliers Collection 1863-1905
  • Paddington Rifles 1860-1912
  • Surrey Recuitment Registers 1908-1933
In addition, they've also published over 500,000 soldiers' records in their Militia Service Records 1806-1915. The Militia was a voluntary county-based part-time force for home defence. It ceased to be summoned after the Civil War but was revived in 1757, when the Militia Act established militia regiments in all counties of England and Wales.

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