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Cine footage of Anne Hibbitt's Christening Day

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Annie's Christening DayMy grandparents and parents used to use a cine camera before and after I was born and my Grandpa Geake recorded the films onto video tape in the early 1990's. Since then they've been transferred to DVD and converted to mpeg files.

Last week it would have been my Granny Hibbitt's birthday which reminded me that I was Christened on the day she turned 59 so I decided to upload some footage of the event onto YouTube.

The cine film includes me as a baby, my parents, both sets of grandparents, my aunt and my elder brother. I was baptized at St Eustachius Church in Tavistock and the film was taken outside the front door of my Granny and Grandpa Geake's house in Crelake Park, Tavistock.

Without further ado, HERE'S THE CINE FILM.

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