Treasure Chest Thursday: Florence's Tea Set

One of my most treasured possessions is the tea set given to me by my grandmother, Phyllis Grace Geake (nee Weaver). It had belonged to her mother, Florence Smale, and it is thought to have been a wedding present. Therefore this lovely Crown Staffordshire 12 place china set probably dates before 1915, almost an antique!

The set comprises 12 cups and saucers, 12 tea plates, 2 large cake plates, a sugar bowl, milk jug, tea pot and hot water jug with metal lid (my favourite item).

White with delicate yellow flowers mixed with gold patterns mounted on pink with a green border and gold edging, there is a single hairline crack in one of the cups, otherwise the set is perfect.

When I was growing up, my gran used to have the tea set on display in a glass cabinet. I know it meant a lot to her as she was orphaned before the age of 5 and so to have something of her mother's must have been of special significance.

I sometimes wonder how often Florence used the set and presume it came out on special occasions only, although this presumption could be wrong. It's wonderful to have in one's possession something tangible, an item linking to a generation of yesteryear.

If you have a treasured object or other family item please do share it in the comments section.

[Why Treasure Chest Thursday? This phrase has been included in the title in order to take part in Daily Blogging Prompts at Geneabloggers]

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How lovely! And so wonderful that it has passed down through all these years fully intact.
I'm amazed - my grandmother went through numerous tea sets as she managed to break things!
What a lovely momento to have Anne, so lovely to see it all still in one piece.

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