Site Updates: Surnames - Dando, Langston, Hewitt, Hansard, Dingle, Hill

Family Tree section

  • Added a few more facts and footnotes for Nathaniel Dando, the elder.
  • Added Nathaniel's children by his 1st wife, Hannah Langston, together with some facts.
  • Added their daughter Amelia Dando's husband, George Hansard, and a few facts.
  • Also added George's parents, James & Martha Hansard, and his siblings. George's sister, Hannah Mary Hansard, was already online as she was the 1st wife of Nathaniel Dando, the younger, Amelia's brother.
  • Added John Dingle, father of Rosa Ann Dingle, 2nd wife of Nathaniel Dando, the younger.
  • Added Nathaniel Dando, the elder's, children by his 2nd wife, Caroline Hewitt, and also added Caroline's father, John Hewitt.
  • Added Nathaniel & Caroline's daughter, Adelaide Dando's husband, Edward Hill, and the Hills' daughter, Adelaide Maria Hill.

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