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  • Added a few facts and footnotes for my great-great-grandmother, Jane Arnold. More facts to follow at a later date.
  • Added facts and footnotes for my 3 x great-grandfather, George Arnold junior, as well as for his first wife, my 3 x great-grandmother, Mary Bacon, a new name recently discovered since ordering their daughter, Jane's, birth certificate.
  • Added Mary Bacon's parents' names, Samuel Bacon & Martha Wagstaff, together with Mary's two siblings, Sarah & Thomas Bacon.
  • Discovered the maiden name of George Arnold's (above) mother, Elizabeth Avins, who was the wife of George Arnold senior, my 4 x great-grandparents. Also added the names of George & Elizabeth's children.
  • Added the second wife of George Arnold junior, Mary Ann Garlick, with a few facts and footnotes. Also added this couple's children.
  • Added the names of Mary Ann Garlick's parents and sister.
  • Added Sybil Flora Roylance's parent's names, Robert William Roylance & Ellen Lillie May Walker. Also Sybil's grandfathers' names, George Thomas Roylance and William Walker.
Relevant place names: Nuneaton and Coventry in Warwickshire.

The Arnolds and Bacons were silk ribbon weavers. This was a major industry in Nuneaton during the 18th and 19th centuries but went into decline in about 1860.

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