Follow Friday: Preserving your personal family tree website for posterity

UK Web ArchiveIf you have your own family tree website you might consider archiving it to a CD or DVD and handing it on to the next generation. After all, who's going to maintain your site after you've gone? The snag here though, is that there'll be a finite number of peope who'll be able to appreciate your efforts and that's only if they happen to share your interest. You could find your research destined for a dusty drawer or, worse still, put out with the rubbish.

In this digital age of readily available information, it seems logical that your site should remain on the internet for a wider audience to read and enjoy. So how do we do this?
There are several web archives on the internet gathering snapshots of web pages. I've previously touched on the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine but today I want to mention the UK Web Archive. As the name suggests, it's for UK web sites and there's already a 'Family History/Genealogy' category.

In the words of the UK Web Archive, "Selected websites are considered to be of long term research value, either in themselves or as part of a Special Collection of themed materials. Typically, archived websites publish research, reflect the diversity of lives, interests and activities throughout the UK, or demonstrate web innovation. They are chosen to represent a range of social, political, cultural, religious, scientific or economic activities".

If you want your site to be listed, you're currently best off nominating your site by submitting your website's URL but, in time, they're hoping a change in the Law will allow them to index websites without the site owner's permission.

If your website is accepted, then you can sit back and know that you've taken one step closer to preserving your family history and your stories will be safeguarded for posterity.

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