My blog is one year old today

Hibbitt Family History BlogIt's been 12 months since I started my blog (the main site has been going for about 4 years now) and in that time I've posted over 150 articles ranging from items from Mrs Beeton's Cookery Book, images from my grandpa's collection of slides, 'On This Day' in the history of my family, features on specific ancestors, a slection of genealogical links and tips, and more.

I don't have a favourite post but I like my 'Ancestors Corner' category most of all as it fleshes out some of the details of my forbears and, at times, allows me to indulge in my own thoughts and draw my own conclusions.

I'm not entirely certain what sort of following I have so if you'd like to say hi, please drop me a line in the comments section. I'd love to hear from you.

Here's looking forward to my next blogiversary!

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Happy blogiversary to you!

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