Sorting Saturday: Flip-Pal can't sell me their mobile scanner

The Flip-Pal Mobile ScannerAmongst the genealogy community I've read so much about the Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner and I can see the merits in having such a useful little gadget. In fact, I'm sold on having one except, wait for it, you still can't get one in the UK.

I've been in touch with the manufacturer and their response was...

"Unfortunately, we do not yet distribute in UK. Of course we are actively investigating what that would take. It is a matter of both the distribution/support processes as well as regulatory approvals. Currently, even if you could have a friend in the US or Canada order and ship it to you, the warranty is not valid outside of the US."

I replied that I didn't mind about the warranty but didn't know anyone in the US who could help me get hold of a Flip-Pal but the reply was much the same.

How disappointing that after more than a year (perhaps longer) since launch they still haven't come up with a way of sending the Flip-Pal abroad. I can't believe it takes rocket science!

The Flip-Pal Mobile ScannerAh well, I'll have to start looking around for an alternative so I can quickly and easily scan the numerous boxes and albums of photographs which I have in my possession. If anyone can suggest something similar that is available in the UK (not sure the hand-held ones are all that good), please could you let me know, either by leaving a comment or using my contact form.

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I see that are offering the scanner in the UK.
I have asked them how long delivery takes.
Will let you know.
Stanley Hillel
Thanks for your message Stanley. I actually contacted Awooza a while ago and they told me 5-7 days so I placed an order on 22nd November. Needless to say, it hasn't arrived yet but I wasn't terribly surprised as I'd read some awful reviews about this company beforehand. Incidentally, they aren't based in the UK despite the website branding, but Hong Kong. Since placing the order I've sent 5 emails and finally received a response last night saying that their shipment was delayed and that they are working through the orders and will send the item by 2 day expedited delivery within a few days. So I'm holding my breath but will believe it when I see it. If you decide to buy from this company, you need to pay by PayPal which I think might offer a layer of protection. I also paid using my credit card for additional protection. It's certainly a case of BUYER BEWARE but I really want a Flip-Pal so I decided to go for it. I'll follow up on my blog as to how I get on.
My new Flip-Pal arrived from Awooza yesterday, more than 3 weeks after placing the order. It arrived via FedEx 3 days after posting, the delay being due to a hold-up in customs in Paris. HOWEVER, IF YOU DECIDE TO ORDER FROM AWOOZA, PLEASE FIRST READ MY COMMENT ABOVE. Also, to aid others, let us know your experiences with this company by adding a comment too. Doubtless, there will be other ways to obtain a Flip-Pal in the UK as time passes.

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