Advent Calendar: Christmas Cards

My grandpa, William Hellyer Geake, was called up to take part in WWII on 1st January 1941. He sent this Christmas Card to his family whilst he was away, I believe in 1941 as his youngest daughter would have been a baby then, which he mentions in the card. Away at war, he didn't see his youngest daughter until she was 4 years old.

The front of Grandpa's Christmas Card
The front of Grandpa's Christmas Card.

Inside my Grandpa's Christmas Card
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That Christmas card is beautiful. The colors still look bright. The design is quite different from cards today. It is wonderful that it has stayed in your family all this time. It is a treasure.
Such a lovely card, and how fortunate it has stayed in the family. I've noticed in lots of old cards and letters people identified themselves by name AND as a husband/wife/son/granddaughter/whatever as if the recipient wouldn't know that.
What a treasure this card is. So beautiful, well preserved and a piece of great historical significance with the printed message and the handwritten one as well. Thank you for sharing your family treasure.

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