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Relevant place names: Bradford, Thornbury, Milton Damerel, Langtree, Shebbear, Black Torrington, Sutcombe - all in North Devon.

At this point, I'd like to thank Judy Adams, the OPC (Online Parish Clerk) for Bradford, Thornbury & Black Torrington, for her invaluable assistance in helping me further my research into my North Devon ancestors.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover how far back the name, Grace Martin, goes. My great-great-grandmother was Grace Martin, daughter of Philip Martin & Mary Bragg. It seems Grace had an aunt and a great-aunt of the same name. My gran's middle name was Grace, presumably after her grandmother, my great-great-grandmother mentioned above, who looked after her for a few years after my gran was orphaned. I was going to give a daughter of mine Grace for a middle name but I had a son instead.

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