Memorial to the first Diamond Queen

The Victoria Memorial outside Buckingham Palace
The Victoria Memorial outside Buckingham Palace
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This famous monument, situated at the top of the Mall outside Buckingham Palace, will be prominent over the Queen's Diamond Jubilee weekend so I thought I'd post a picture probably taken by my gran, Ivy Alice Hibbitt (nee Dando), some time during the 1950's. A postcard from her sent from London to my grandpa has recently surfaced. It's postmarked 29 Aug 1955 and it's possible this photo was taken on the same trip.

In many respects, the scene hasn't changed all that much since the beginning of Queen Elizabeth II's reign until now. The statue on top of the Victoria Memorial looks much shinier these days compared to back then and the white marble is cleaner too. Was the hazy sky a consequence of the 'smog' that London was accustomed to having at that time or was it simply a misty day? I rather like the old-fashioned cars and the policeman standing there in his helmet.

I wish Her Majesty a happy Diamond Jubilee and many more years to come.

(From my grandpa's collection of old slides - see this post for more information.)

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