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I've been doing a little more digging on my 3 x great-grandfather, Joseph Dando, the younger, and as a result, I've added more facts and updated his biography. Here are the latest findings:

  • I found a marriage licence between Joseph and Helen Shirreff [probably Sheriff] in Dublin in 1829. I knew that Joseph had been in Dublin before moving to America but I hadn't considered that he and Helen, who was his 2nd wife, might have married in Ireland before travelling to America. They divorced in New York.
  • Joseph's 3rd wife was Jane Clark. I now know the date of their marriage in Philadelphia - 7 September 1836. Jane died a little over 3 years later.
  • I discovered that Joseph's 4th wife was Sally Ann Bell Clark, rather than Sarah Clark, as previously thought. It's worth noting that Sally can be a nickname for Sarah. I discovered they married in Philadelphia on 7 August 1841. Sally might have been related to Jane (perhaps sisters) as both Jane Dando and a Sally Clark were parties to an act in February 1939 to confirm the title of both of them to certain lands situated in Baltimore. Sally's fate is unknown.
  • Other details include Joseph's church membership and Confirmation which took place on 28 February 1841 in Pennsylvania. Listed as Communicants in 1844 were Joseph, his 5th wife Harriet Catherine Williams (my 3 x great-grandmother), and a Harriet Richards. This was probably the same Miss Richards who was described as a servant and accompanied the Dandos on the journey to England in August 1844.
  • I found a death notice for Joseph in the Belfast Newsletter which confirmed he died at his home in Carlisle Street, Belfast. It also stated that he was to be buried in the Shankhill Burying Ground.
  • I've added details of Joseph's will, which was straightforward: he left everything to his widow, his 6th wife, Sarah, nee Walker. Sarah and her sister, Martha Walker, were appointed to be his executors. Only Sarah obtained probate although Martha reserved the right if the need arose.
  • I discovered yet another child, Joseph and Sarah (Walker's) first child was a son called Alfred, who was born in 1867. Their middle son, Samuel John, died as an infant. In 1873, Sarah travelled to New York with her second husband, John Hamilton, her sister, Martha Walker, and her 4 year old son, George Dando, the youngest of Joseph and Sarah's three boys. I've yet to learn what happened to Alfred though.
Place names: Dublin and Belfast in Ireland, New York and Philadelphia in USA.

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