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I initially had the wrong Sarah as a wife of my 4 x great-grandfather, Robert Weaver (1789-1869). Beforehand, I had found a marriage in 1810 in Curry Rivel, Somerset, between a Robert Weaver and a Sarah Munckton, both previously widowed. However, there were always difficulties with this. Firstly, they were so young that they didn't seem to have had time to have been married before, I could find no obvious first marriages for either and their children didn't start coming along until 1817.

With my FindMyPast subscription, I recently discovered another marriage between a Robert Weaver, bachelor, and a Sarah Street, spinster. The couple were married in Curry Rivel on 26th March 1816. I now realize this is the better fit for my 4 x great-grandparents.

Whilst I don't have absolute proof, it's reasonable to assume the Weaver/Munckton marriage was the second wife of Robert's father, also Robert Weaver (1757-1832). Robert senior's first wife, Ann (nee Twogood/Toogood), may have died in 1809 as there is a burial in the Curry Rivel parish records of an Ann Weaver on 30th August 1809. There are no other Robert Weavers in the locality as far as I can tell.

This is a lesson in having to be very careful using datasets with various cut-off dates. Some websites, commercial and non-commercial, may not have all the parish records for a particular parish and so it's important to recognize this.

Updates include:

Place names: Curry Rivel in Somerset.

Resources > Family Tree Reports section

Updated the Ancestors of Phyllis Grace Weaver report.

Barnes Picture Gallery

Added the following albums:

  • People - (Individuals) > Barnes - so far, the album contains one image of Harvey's great-aunt, Cissie Barnes. More Barnes photos to follow in due course.
  • Graves & Memorials > Rouen, France - St Sever Cemetery Extension - Harvey's great-grandfather, George Harvey, is buried here.
Dynamic Family Trees

The Dynamic Family Trees section has been removed. With the numerous devices on the market which don't have flash player installed, I've decided to concentrate my efforts on researching and updating the main family trees.

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