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Edward C Savory & P Eileen Geake

I have added quite a number of facts and footnotes for my great-aunt, Patricia Eileen Geake (known as Eileen), and her American husband, Edward Carlyle Savory sr.

The couple met when Edward was stationed near Tavistock, Eileen's home town, during WWII. They married in 1945 and moved to America where they set up home and had twin boys. Sadly, Eileen died at the age of 41 years and it's understood that she suffered from multiple sclerosis.

Bill and Phyllis Geake, Eileen Geake and Edward Savory
My grandparents, Bill and Phyllis Geake, on the left
and Eileen and Edward on the right

Place names: Tavistock in Devon, Pontypridd in Wales, Richmond in Virginia, and Hyattsville in Maryland.

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