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The complete list of changes to the Hibbitt Family History website so far in the year 2010 (imported from the old 'What's New' page on the main web site).......

2nd November 2010
Family Tree
Added the children of George Geake (1838-1903) and wife, Maria Dearing/Ball. Also added detailed facts for George Geake.

8th October 2010
Family Tree
Updated the biography page for Joseph Dando (1802-1870).
Added the wife, children and grandchildren of Joseph Clifford Dando (b. 1830). Also added facts for Joseph Clifford Dando and a picture of his son, Thomas Stotesbury Dando.
Added Sophia Powell, the wife of John Banister Worgan.
Added the will and probate document to the facts on William Elbert Dando's family pages and also his biography page.

Gallery section - Added the portrait of Thomas Stotesbury Dando to the 'People - (Individuals) - Dando' album.

13th September 2010
Family Tree
Added details to Jane Clark's facts about a title of land.
Added the name of Jane Clark's father, Richard.
Updated the name of Ellen Stirling / Sheriff to Helen Sheriff. Added her and Joseph Dando's son, Joseph Clifford Dando (b 1830).
Updated the name of the 6th wife of Joseph Dando (1802-1870) to Sarah Walker. Also added her father, John Walker, and second husband, John Hamilton.
Added the two children of Joseph Dando and Sarah nee Walker, Samuel John Dando and George Dando.

10th September 2010
Family Tree
Added marriage for Edmund John Sheriff and Jane Moore, and their fathers, Richard Sheriff and Thornton Moore.
Added occupation and residence details for 1850 from Hunt & Co.'s Directory listing for Joseph Dando (1802-1870).
Added 1877 Old Bailey case to William Elbert Dando's facts on his family pages and also biography page.
Added John Tyeth Feaston, husband of Harriet Dando (b. 1812).

4th September 2010
Family Tree
Added detailed facts for Edward Young (1802-1881). Also added the names of his wives and children.
Added Henry Lane, the husband of Hannah Young (b. abt 1832), and his father, Richard.
Added James Taylor, the husband of Ann Young, and his father, Thomas.

3rd September 2010
Family Tree & Biographies
Inserted the 1902 voyage from New York to London into William Elbert Dando's facts and also his biography page.

1st September 2010
Family Tree
Added picture of 10 Castle Green, Bristol, to family page of Joseph Dando (1802-1870) and Harriet Catherine Williams.
Added additional information for Stephen Dando (1760-1834).
Added first name for David Davis and marriage details to Ann Fryer (1809-1832).
Added the name of Joseph Mills, husband of Sophia Fryer (b. 1843).
Added detailed facts for Caroline Fryer (b. abt 1839) and her husband, James Young. Also added James Young's parents' names.
Added detailed facts for Mary Pitcher Fryer and also added her husband, Joseph Reed, and his parents.
Added detailed facts for Ann Fryer (abt. 1834-1900) and the name of her husband, Richard Vick, and sons, Daniel and Charles Vick.
Added wife of Charles Vick, Matilda Jane Young, with facts and also the names of their children, Edith A and Rose M Vick.

Biographies - Created a biography page for Stephen Dando (1760-1834).

Resources > Reports - Updated the reports.

28th August 2010
Family Tree - **The family tree pages have been completely overhauled.** Now you can see more facts as well as comprehensive footnotes for most individuals and some pages also have images. Nevertheless, I have not yet managed to include every single fact or footnote for each individual on the tree but I will add more details as time permits.

Pedigree Pages - no longer available but the family tree reports are still available.

Biographies - revised and now with their own index page which is available under the Resources section. They can also be accessed from each individual's family page in the family tree section.

27th August 2010
Family Tree - Added more details for George Newbold and his wife, Ann Parker. Also added details of their children including George jnr. and wife, Elizabeth Clare. Added James Rice, wife, Betty, and children, together with further details for Sarah Rice, the wife of Benjamin Pitcher. Also added Thomas Henry Banister, husband of Caroline Worgan.

16th May 2010
Site Re-organization - Added a new guestbook to the website and placed a link to it in the navigation bar on every page. Please feel free to leave me a message. Also removed the link to the old Family Photos section from the navigation bar and placed it onto the Gallery index page.

14th May 2010
Family Tree - Added Samuel Longman & Rachael Bennett, parents of Elizabeth Longman, who lived at Merton, North Devon, together with their children. Also added Samuel's parents, John Longman & Agnes Tucker and Rachel's parents, Ananias Bennett & Alice Seldon, and Alice's parents, Richard Seldon & Hannah Clemett.

Resources > Reports - Updated the reports to include the latest changes.

8th May 2010
Family Tree - Added more children for James Smale (d.o.b. unknown) and Thomasine French. Added additional children, with some spouses, for Thomas Smale (b abt 1787) and Elizabeth Longman. Also, more children, and some spouses, for James Smale (b abt. 1813) and Elizabeth Horn as well as Elizabeth's parents, William Horn and Ann Bayley. Added Emma Jane Friend, the wife of James Smale (1869-1951).

Gallery section - Added the following album within the 'Graves & Memorials' section:
Shebbear, Devon - Graveyard at Lake Methodist Chapel

21st April 2010
Family Tree - Added Sarah Roberts, wife of Richard Fryer (b abt 1767), and their children. Also Sarah's parents, William & Sarah Roberts. Also added wives and children of Richard King Fryer (abt 1801-1877).

4th March 2010
Gallery section - Added the following album within the 'Graves & Memorials' section:
Black Torrington, Devon - St Mary's Churchyard

2nd March 2010
Gallery section - Added the following albums within the 'People - (Groups)' section:
Geake / Hellyer
Martin (maternal) / Weaver
Moved the 'Rodborough Tabernacle & Little Chapel' video to new Videos album.

1st March 2010
Gallery section - Added a new 'Videos' collection to the Gallery containing the following album:
'Video Album' - and moved several videos across from original photos page.
Also added the 'Great Yarmouth, Norfolk - Great Yarmouth (Caister) Cemetery' album to the 'Graves & Memorials' collection.

Resources section - Moved the 'Spiers Antique Sewing Box' into a new 'Spiers Miscellany' section.

27th February 2010
Gallery section - Added the following album within the 'Places' section:
Claines, Worcestershire

25th February 2010
Site Re-organization - Added a new sitemap link in the navigation bar on every page. Also moved the Family Tree Reports to the Resources section.

22nd February 2010
Gallery section - Began new collection: 'People - (Groups)' and started the following 2 albums within the collection:
Hibbitt / Dando
Hibbitt / Ridley / Martin (paternal) / Dando
Also added the following album to the 'People - (Individuals)' section:
Martin (paternal line)
Added further images to the following albums, also within the 'People - (Individuals)' section:

18th February 2010
Family Tree - Added husband, John C Chudley, and child of Florence E Bartlett.

17th February 2010
Family Tree - Added biography for Robert Free (1786-1853).

Videos section - Revised the video of 'Hadstock, Essex & St Botolph's Church' under the Free / Ashby / Fincham / Adams heading.

15th February 2010
Family Tree - Added biographies for John Free (d. abt 1728) and his wife, Esther Bowtell, and her second husband, John Perason (d. abt. 1752). Also added children of Esther and John Pearson and additional child of Esther and John Free, John Free jnr (b abt 1722) together with biographies. Added biography for William Free (b abt 1723) and details of his first wife, Martha Hawes, and their 10 children. Added death dates for most of the children of William Free (above) and second wife, Elisabeth Fincham.

4th February 2010
Gallery section - Added the following album within the 'Graves & Memorials' section:
Hadstock, Essex - St Botolph's Churchyard.
Also added the following album within the 'Places' section:
Hadstock, Essex
Also started the Martin album within the 'People - (Individuals)' section of the gallery.

24th January 2010
Family Tree - Charles Newbold Hibbitt & Mary Ann Pitcher: added more dates to their children and the details of their spouses and in turn, their own children. These include the Mattingly, Collins and Serridge families. Also added dates for Timothy Pitcher (1848-1904) and the name of his wife, Elizabeth Pegler.

Gallery section - Added the following album within the 'Graves & Memorials' section:
Plymouth, Devon - Ford Park Cemetery.
Also began the 'Potpourri' collection.

19th January 2010
Family Tree - Added Biography & Source Notes for Benjamin Pitcher, the elder, (abt 1742-1787) and also for his wife, Margaret Worgan (abt. 1741-1793). Added brief details for Isaac Summerhill, also Leonard Pockett, Edward Warren (b. abt. 1800) and his wife, Hannah Fryer (b.abt. 1800). Also added brief details for William Pitcher (1781-1856) and wife, Sarah Bishop, and James Pitcher (1783-1867) and wife, Esther Fussell, Esther's parents Walton Charmbury Fussell & Betty, and James & Esther's children, Mary Jane and Francis Ann Pitcher.

Gallery section - Added the following albums within the 'Graves & Memorials' section:
Fretherne, Gloucestershire - St Mary the Virgin's Churchyard.
Woolaston, Gloucestershire - St Andrew's Churchyard

11th January 2010
Family Tree - Added the family of William Henry Smale (b. 1865) & Grace Martin and also the family of Philip Martin & Mary Brogg.
Also added further details for John Worgan (1738-1816) and Biography & Source Notes for him. Added a few extra details to the Biographies of William Worgan (1736-1816) and Deborah Worgan (1743-1837).

Reports - Updated the reports to include the latest changes.

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