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It's been some time since I revised my online family tree although I've been working in the background for almost two years since the last update. The tree has now increased from 2051 individuals within 574 families to 2544 individuals within 709 families. I can't list all of the changes but I will highlight some of the main ones.


Firstly, I've updated the following files in the Family Tree Charts section:
Annie's HIBBITT, DANDO, GEAKE & WEAVER Ancestors Chart - both in pdf and html format.
Annie's Ancestor Fan Chart.

In the same section, I've also added a pedigree chart for my half 2nd cousin once removed (Chart 4) whose DNA I manage. We both share an ancestor on our matrilineal lines. My cousin's family tree web pages can be navigated by clicking on the father/mother links beginning at this page. My 2 x great-grandmother, Grace Martin, was my cousin's great-grandmother.


Since DNA has shown a break in my HIBBITT line, I've altered my tree to demonstrate this. I'm not completely certain where the break comes but I suspect it is either with my 2 x great-grandfather or my great-grandfather. I have currently made the assumption that my 2 x great-grandfather, Charles Newbold Hibbitt, was 'adopted' by Amos Hibbitt and Mahala Newbold and I've placed a note on the family pages to this effect.


Previously, one of my paternal lines stopped at my 5 x great-grandparents, Abraham Woodall & Martha Lee but I've added parents for Martha and a few more generations back from Abraham. At the moment the information is sparse but I will flesh this branch of the family out with siblings and more detailed notes in due course.


Turning to my maternal side, I have added a number of generations beyond my 4 x great-grandmother, Sarah Street, since the discovery of an old Family Bible which was able to confirm Sarah's parents' names. I do still need to undertake further work on this branch of the family too when time permits.

Family Bible showing the names of Sarah Street's parents
Family Bible showing the names of Sarah Street's parents


Finally, I have undertaken quite a lot of work on the family of my 2 x great-grandparents, John Gale Hellier & Mary Ann Congdon. I've added detailed notes for their children, including for my great-grandmother, Sarah May Hellyer. Several of John and Mary Ann's children died in infancy including both twins and the youngest son, died at the age of nine, most probably of polio. The youngest daughter, Jane, died in the 1918 flu epidemic at the age of 29. All of the children were below the age of 18 by the time they were orphaned which meant that many of them were separated from each other, being sent to live in orphanages or with relatives.

Mary Ann Congdon had long been a mystery to me but I have finally made some progress on her family line. I wasn't sure whether her name was Congdon or Burgoyne but it turns out that William Burgoyne was her stepfather. Her parents were James Condon and Louisa Reed. Very little is known about James but he probably died before Mary Ann was 4 years old. Her mother, Louisa went on to marry William George Henry Burgoyne in 1857 but it seems the marriage was not a happy one according to a court case in 1883 where Louisa was accused of assaulting her husband and being a drunk. Not surprisingly, the couple separated.

Louisa Reed's parents were George Reed and Bridget Ellis although for some unknown reason, Bridget also went by the name of Catherine or Kate. It's believed she was from Cork in Ireland which might explain some of my Irish DNA.

You will find detailed footnotes for the Reed and Ellis families on their particular family web pages, including newspaper articles outlining the dispute between Louisa Reed and her husband, William Burgoyne.

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