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Not only is it the 49th anniversary of my Grandpa Hibbitt's (Charles George Hibbitt) death today but I have only just realised that his father, Alfred Charles Newbold Hibbitt, was baptized on this day in 1873, exactly 99 years before my Grandpa died.

Baptism of Alfred Charles Newbold Hibbitt
Baptism of Alfred Charles Newbold Hibbitt

Alfred was actually born in 1869 but he wasn't baptized until he was four years old. I have had a question mark over Alfred's paternity for a little while due to the lack of DNA matches beyond him, although the hiccup could possibly have occurred at his father's generation instead. His father, being an only child, makes it difficult to establish which generation the non-paternal event can be attributed to.

We have plenty of DNA matches on Alfred's mothers' side (Pitcher) but going back on the Hibbitt side or on his purported grandmother's side (Newbold) has proved fruitless in terms of the DNA. His father was supposedly born in the Rutland area and Alfred was born in Birmingham. We have very few meaningful DNA connections to Rutland but a number of matches which converge in the Midlands area which I have yet to tie down.

It's possible that Alfred's parents didn't immediately get around to having him baptized for any number reasons. A younger brother, William Henry Hibbitt, wasn't baptized until he was two when it appears he was very close to death. Alfred was baptized just over a fortnight later when the matter might have felt more pressing to his parents so the 'late' baptism may have no connection to any questionable parentage at all.

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