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Benjamin Pitcher (abt. 1774-1857) & Sarah Rice (abt. 1781-1850) - Biography - £1.20

Biography of Benjamin Pitcher, the younger, abt. 1774-1857) and his wife, Sarah Rice (abt. 1781-1850). Benjamin was a yeoman/farmer, originally from Rockhampton, but later lived in Uley, both in Gloucestershire. Sarah lived in Slimbridge, Coaley and Uley, Gloucestershire.


The document also mentions Benjamin's uncle and aunt: Daniel Bailey (d. 1808) and Ann Worgan (abt. 1752-1823). Benjamin's will names all of his children, including his married daughters: James [Rice] Pitcher, John [Worgan] Pitcher, Daniel [Bailey] Pitcher, Elizabeth Pitcher, William [Worgan] Pitcher, Sarah Powell, Mary Richmond, Timothy Pitcher and his deceased daughter, Ann [Bailey] Fryer, in addition to his grandsons, William Worgan Pitcher and John Pitcher.


(Please note: You may also like the document, Hodgecombe Farm, Uley, Goucestershire, available within the Pitcher, Powell and Rice sections of the E-Shop.)


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Daniel Bailey (d. 1808) & Ann Worgan (abt. 1752-1823) - Biography - £0.65

Biography of Daniel Bailey (d. 1808) and his wife, Ann Worgan (abt. 1752-1823). Daniel was a timber merchant from Cowley and Ann was originally from Woolaston, both in Gloucestershire.


The document also mentions Ann's nephew, Benjamin Pitcher (abt. 1774-1857).


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