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See this blog post for further information. 

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If you wish to use an image, please complete the Image Request Form below for permission. After all, it's only polite to ask and I think you'll find I'm a reasonable person. You must put one of the following credits every time an image is used, whether in an offline publication or on a website or blog or any other form of electronic display. QUITE SIMPLY, IF YOU DON'T WISH TO ASK OR GIVE CREDIT THEN DON'T USE MY IMAGES!

When displaying on a website, etc., wherever possible, you must link back to http://www.hibbitt.org.uk by placing one of the following options on your page close to the image...

  1. Link displays as: Image Hibbitt.org.uk
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If you are unable to create a link (for example, perhaps in the case of a third party family tree website), then you must use one of the following accreditations in full...

  1. Image Hibbitt & Barnes Family History - www.hibbitt.org.uk

  2. Image Copyright: Hibbitt & Barnes Family History - www.hibbitt.org.uk

NOTE: There are a small number of images on this site which do not belong to me and are clearly labelled as such. Please do not assume that you can use these images if they have been supplied by third parties.

Thank you for playing fair.

Annie Barnes

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