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Richard Fryer (abt. 1663-1710) - Biography

Biography of Richard Fryer (abt. 1663-1710) who was a yeoman and clothier from Overton in Arlingham, Gloucestershire.


Includes full transcripts of Richard's will and the inventory taken for probate purposes. Also contains an explanation of some of the terms found in the inventory, together with details of Richard's children, his possible marriage and his burial. (Over 6 pages).


(Please Note: As an alternative, this material forms part of the comprehensive document, The Fryer Family of Overton in Arlingham, Gloucestershire.

Also: You may like the document, 'Richard Fryer (abt. 1663-1710) - Last Will and Testament'.

Both are available within the Fryer section of the E-Shop.)



Richard Fryer (abt. 1663-1710) - Biography
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The story of Richard Fryer (abt. 1663-1710)