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Benjamin Pitcher (abt. 1774-1857) & Sarah Rice (abt. 1781-1850) - Biography

Biography of Benjamin Pitcher, the younger, (abt. 1774-1857) and his wife, Sarah Rice (abt. 1781-1850). Benjamin was a yeoman/farmer, originally from Rockhampton, but later lived in Uley, both in Gloucestershire. Sarah lived in Slimbridge, Coaley and Uley, Gloucestershire.


Includes a full transcript of Benjamin's will, together with some background information about his relationship with his uncle and aunt, Daniel Bailey and Ann, nee Worgan, with an excerpt from Daniel Bailey's will. Also comprises information from the Deeds pertaining to Benjamin and Sarah's property (Hodgecombe Farm), census details, a list of the couple's children, plus other material.


Photographs include the altar inside the church at Coaley where Benjamin and Sarah were married as well as a section of a copy of the Tithe Map for Uley 1840-1842 showing the location of the farm. (8 pages)


The document mentions the following individuals: Benjamin Pitcher (abt. 1774-1857), Sarah Rice, Daniel Bailey (d. 1808) and Ann Worgan (abt. 1752-1823). Benjamin's will names all of his children, including his married daughters: James [Rice] Pitcher, John [Worgan] Pitcher, Daniel [Bailey] Pitcher, Elizabeth Pitcher, William [Worgan] Pitcher, Sarah Powell, Mary Richmond, Timothy Pitcher and his deceased daughter, Ann [Bailey] Fryer, in addition to his grandsons, William Worgan Pitcher and John Pitcher.


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Benjamin Pitcher (abt. 1774-1857) & Sarah Rice (abt. 1781-1850) - Biography
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The story of Benjamin Pitcher & Sarah Rice