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The Murch Family of Bristol

A narrative about four generations of the Murch family who lived in Bristol during the 18th and 19th centuries. The document may appeal to descendants of Joseph Dando and Ann Murch.


A comprehensive 18 page document comprising full transcripts of wills, a four-generation family tree, old maps, material from numerous sources, background information, old and modern photographs of the locality, etc. and pictures of an embroidery by Ann Murch.


The document covers the following individuals:

John Murch (dates unknown)
John Murch (abt. 1714 - 1789)
John Murch (abt. 1741 - abt. 1779)

Ann Murch (abt. 1780-1831), wife of Joseph Dando, hat manufacturer of Bristol
Jane Wharton
(unknown - 1778)
Ann Hooper (abt. 1740 - 1802)
Thomas Murch (abt 1744 - 1792)


Also, briefly mentions Joseph Dando, the Elder (abt. 1781 - 1860).


The Murch Family of Bristol
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Murch Family of Bristol