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Tomb of John Fryer (b abt. 1695) his wife, Mary, (nee King) and others

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Tomb in Arlingham churchyard, Gloucestershire,
of John Fryer (b. abt 1695), his wife Mary (nee King)
their son, also called John, their son, Joseph, and Ann Fryer (nee Jones),
who was the first wife of their great-grandson, Richard (b. abt 1792)

There is some discrepancy about the dates on this tomb and there may be other people buried here also.
Here are the details.

From the original photograph, the tombstone reads...

In Memory of
JOHN FRYER of Overton in
this Parish Yeoman who Died
Jan 1st 1764 aged 62 Ys
Also of MARY Relict of JOHN
FRYER who died May 17, 1767
aged 66 Years
Also of JOHN their Son Yeoman
who died April 10th 1772? in? the?
43rd Year of his Age.

Ralph Bigland's book, 'Historical, Monumental and Genealogical Collections,
relative to the County of Gloucester' states...

John FRYER, of Overtown, Yeoman,
died January 1, 1757, aged 62.
MARY his Relict,
died May 17, 1767, Age 66.

Then the website, Wishful Thinking, records...

John FRYER, of Overton, Yeoman,
1 Jan 1761, 62
Mary, relict, 17 May 1767, 66
John, s, Yeoman, 10 April 1773, 43

Details recorded in the document, 'Arlingham: Memorial Inscriptions', are as follows...

In memory of / JOHN FRYER, of Overton, in / this parish, yeoman, who
died / Jan. 1st 1764, aged 62 yrs. / Also of MARY, relict of JOHN /
FRYER, who died May 17, 1767, / aged 66 years. / Also of JOHN, their
son, yeoman, / who died April 10th 177., in the / 43rd year of his
age. // [Opposite side illegible]. // In memory of / ...., wife of
RI.... / ..... , of Overton, who died .....r 20th 18.., / ... years. //
............ Also of / JOSEPH FRYER / who died July 12th 179., / aged
54 years.

(Tomb with flat top ; inscription incised; sides and ends of red and
grey sandstone, base and top of shelly limestone.)

The parish registers record the burials as follows...

John Fryer: of Overton, buried 4 Jan. 1757.
Mary Fryer: widow of Overton, buried 20 May 1767.
John Fryer: buried 13 Apr. 1771.
Joseph Fryer: buried 11 July 1798.
Anne Fryer: of Overton, Arlingham, buried 23 Oct. 1822, aged 29.

An explanation for the differing dates for John senior may lie with the stone possibly being re-engraved at some stage. His date may have originally read 1757, which corresponds with the parish registers as well as Bigland's book. The stone was presumably disturbed some time after Bigland recorded the Arlingham monuments because he didn't record John, the son, in his book. Perhaps the stone was damaged in the process and the replacement was incorrect. It was not uncommon for monuments to be erected some time after the burial and perhaps this is why the younger John's date of death or age appears to be a few years adrift.

From the information above, it would appear Joseph was buried the day before he died!!! His inscription is no longer visible.

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