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Gravestone of Anna / Hannah Fryer (abt. 1741-1793) 

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Gravestone of Anna/Hannah Fryer (abt. 1741-1793)
in Arlingham churchyard, Gloucestershire

The gravestone reads...

to the Memory of
of this Parish
who died Febry 17th 1793, aged 52 Years.
Earth take thine own, let ANNA sleep
Her Dust in silent Safety keep:
Whose humble Soul rests safe above
Repos'd on GOD'S eternal Love.

(Headstone with gently curved top; design consisting of basket with flowers, leaves, fruit and grain; inscription incised; red sandstone)

Anna was the daughter of John Fryer (abt. 1695-1757) and his wife, Mary (nee King). Her name is spelt as Hannah in some of the parish records and other documents.

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