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Hibbitt Family - Picture Gallery

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Aaron Taysum Memorial inside Arlingham Church 

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Memorial to Aaron Taysum (abt. 1745-1807) and his wife, Elizabeth (nee Goulding).
Also, their son Aaron (abt. 1780-1851) and his wife, Charity (nee Organ),
inside St Mary the Virgin's Church in Arlingham, Gloucestershire

This memorial appears on the wall near the back of the church.

The inscription reads as follows...

In Memory of
who was upwards of
19 Years
Clerk of this Parish;
He died
January 4th 1807,
aged 62.
died Janry. 18th 1831,
aged 86.

Also of AARON,
their Son,
Clerk of this Parish
44 years;
who died June 8th,
1851, aged 70.
And also of
CHARITY, Wife of
the above who died
July 20th, 1849
aged 72.

(Wall tablet; arched top and rounded base; ribbon and book design;
stone painted black, grey and gold.)

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