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Hibbitt Family - Picture Gallery

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Fryer graves in Chepstow Municipal Cemetery

(Click the above image to view a larger version)

In the foreground starting from right to left...

Phoebe Fryer (abt 1831-1904) and her sister, Eliza (abt 1834-1905)
John Fryer (abt 1794-1864) and his wife, Prudence (nee Gower) together with
daughter, Mary Ann (later Wilkie) (abt 1817-1895)
George Fryer (abt 1824-1893) and his wife, Alice Walters (nee Sargent)
Richard Fryer (abt 1815-1870) and his wife, Lettice (nee Guy)

The headstone standing up in the centre of the picture belongs to...

Thomas Sargent and his wife, Sarah Ely (nee Fryer) (abt 1822-1905)

Phoebe, Eliza, George, Mary Ann, Sarah Ely and Richard were all children of John and Prudence Fryer.

Just behind Phoebe and Eliza's grave is a grave that contains the following...

Richard Fryer (abt 1845-1878) and his wife, Rebecca (nee Fisher)
Their daughter, Rosa Elizabeth Fryer (abt 1874-1937)
Their grandson, Arthur Leslie James Fryer (1910-1976)

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