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Font - Arlingham Parish Church 

Below is an excerpt taken from the book, 'Antiquities of Arlingham Parish'.

"The font, as all parishioners know, is of modern work; the elder ones will remember that before this font was placed in the church the wooden structure now adapted as an alms box, and which was provided with a silver basin, was given for this purpose by Lady Mill, then living at the Court, and the representative of the Yate family, and superseded an ancient pewter or metal basin, which had been doing duty for a font, and which subsequently the writer recollects, was used by the clerk, Aaron Taysum, for a dust-pan, until rescued and carried to Slowwe, where it now is. It is very remarkable that there is no trace or tradition of any ancient stone font, such as must have been in the church."

These writings were originally published in 1886 by John Sayer, the son of a former vicar of Arlingham, and republished in 2008.

Aaron Taysum was appointed Lay Clerk and Sexton of Arlingham Parish on 30th March 1788. His son, also called Aaron (and presumably the subject of the above excerpt), became the clerk of the parish after Aaron senior died in 1807. There is a wall tablet commemorating both of these men, together with their wives, at the back of the church.

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