Hibbitt & Barnes Family History

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Hibbitt Family - Picture Gallery

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Bedford Street, Plymouth

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Charles Llewellyn Ernest Elbert Dando worked in
Bedford Street, Plymouth, Devon, during the 1920's

Destroyed during the Blitz, Bedford Street was at one time one of the main streets in Plymouth city centre. In 1923, Charles Dando operated his dental practice at No 34 Bedford Street. This building can be clearly seen on the right of the picture as it was also the premises of Webb & Son. Charles probably occupied one of the upper floors. Before this time, located there with Webb & Son, was a firm called McDonalds Ltd who made artificial teeth and their signage appears on the front of the building in the centre.

(This postcard, originally published by Battershill's of 11 Westwell Street, Plymouth,
was discovered amongst a collection of family photographs.)

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