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Hibbitt Family - Picture Gallery

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Prayer & Hymn Book which once belonged to Florence Smale

(Click the above image to view a larger version)

Book of Common Prayer with Hymns Ancient & Modern
previously belonging to a Florence Smale, or possibly Small.

The inside front cover states:

Florence Smale [or Small?, it's difficult to read]
Prize for Religious Knowledge
Easter 1904

In addition, there is a note inside the back cover as follows:

Florence E C Small [could be Smale]
Oak Hill
East Budleigh
Somewhere in Blighty.

Florence Emily C Small married Charles Henry Smale and became Florence E C Smale. However, this book has been passed down to a descendant of her sister-in-law, a different Florence Smale (later Weaver), so it may not have belonged to Florence E C Small/Smale at all, even though the reference on the back cover definitely relates to her.

See more photos of the book here.

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