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Arlingham & Fretherne

View from Barrow Hill overlooking Fretherne and Arlingham, Gloucestershire
with the Forest of Dean in the distance

Daniel Bailey Pitcher and Mary Ann Fryer lived at Meadowland Farm, Overton (over-the-town), Arlingham during the 19th century. There have been Fryers in Arlingham dating back to the 1500's and perhaps before that.

The video was taken from Barrow Hill, the highest point in the horseshoe bend in the River Severn where Arlingham is situated. At one time Arlingham contained many acres of orchards but an epidemic of Dutch Elm disease in the 1970's led to the loss of most of the trees.

The video pans around twice, taken from a slightly different place each time. The first shot starts by overlooking Fretherne in the distance (when the gate is in the foreground). The camera then pans around and Meadowlands would be out of shot behind the trees. The houses which can be seen at the bottom of the hill are actually situated in Overton Lane. Then you begin to notice the river meandering around to form the horseshoe in the distance.

The second time the video pans, we don't see Fretherne. The shot is taken slightly further down Barrow Hill. There are the same bushes in the foreground and then a clump of forest on a hill in the background can be seen (these woods are situated behind Overton Farm). Although too small to see, and probably just out of view, Meadowlands is on one side of the corner where Overton Lane meets the main road into Arlingham and Overton Farm is on the opposite side, literally around the corner from one another. The shot then pans around similar to the first time except there is more to see at the end of the video. Newnham, across the river in the Forest of Dean, would come into shot as the glint of sunlight can be seen in the video but it's not visible in such a small image. The last frame shows the river coming back around with more houses further along Overton Lane. Priding (aka. Pridend or Priden) would be just out of shot (imagine following the road and meeting up with the river behind the bushes).

Arlingham village is too small to be seen in the clip but it is more or less in front of Newnham, so again roughly where the sunlight glint appears.

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