More records from Ireland at Ancestry

Ancestry have expanded their Irish collections:

Griffiths Valuation,1848-1864
UPDATED - One of the most important surviving 19th century genealogical resources for Ireland, this collection of over 2.5 million records offers a snapshot of ancestors who rented land or property throughout Ireland in the 1850s.

Tithe Applotment Books, 1823-1837
UPDATED - In 1823 a law was enacted requiring all land holders to pay a tax or "tithe" to the Church of Ireland, regardless of their religious affiliation. With details like tithe payer, acreage of their land and amount of their tithe, these records in effect provide a census of pre-famine Ireland.

Lawrence Collection of Photographs, 1870-1910
NEW - This collection of 20,000 images showcases the length and breadth of Ireland through the eyes of William Lawrence's photography studio in Dublin.

Ordnance Survey Maps, 1824-1846
NEW - Almost 2,000 incredibly detailed six-inch-to-the-mile maps of almost the whole of Ireland were produced before and during the Great Famine and take you practically to the spot where your ancestor lived and worked.

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