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Dando Name Meaning

English (Somerset; of Norman origin): habitational name for someone from Aunou in Orne, Normandy (French d’Aunou), which is named with Old French aunaie 'alder grove' (see Delaney).


  1. English (of Norman origin): habitational name for someone from any of various minor places in northern France named from Old French aunaie 'alder grove'.
  2. Irish: Anglicized form, influenced by the Norman name, of Gaelic Ó Dubhshláine ‘descendant of Dubhshláine’, a personal name composed of the elements dubh 'black' + slán 'challenge', 'defiance'. MacLysaght, however, suggests that this element may be from the Sláinge river.

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Name History and Origin

The Dando family's name is derived from the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture of Britain. Their name originated with an early member who was a male, where it was originally used as a pet form of Andrew.

Essentially the surname Dando originally derived from the Old Scottish name Andrew. The first dictionaries that appeared in the last few hundred years did much to standardize the English language. Before that time, spelling variations in names were a common occurrence. The language was changing, incorporating pieces of other languages, and the spelling of names changed with it. Dando has been spelled many different ways, including Dandie, Dandy, Dande and others.

First found in Lincolnshire where they were seated from very ancient times, some say well before the Norman Conquest and the arrival of Duke William at Hastings in 1066 A.D.

Research into passenger and immigration lists has revealed some of the very first Dandos to arrive in North America: Elizabeth Dande who settled in Boston in 1712; William Dando who settled in the Barbados in 1654; Joseph Dando arrived in Philadelphia in 1838.

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