Hibbitt & Barnes Family History

Genealogical DNA Index Page

A number of close family members have taken a genealogical DNA test and the results are on various websites. In addition, Harvey and my dad have also undertaken the BigY500 at FamilyTreeDNA. Harvey's subclade is R1b-S18890 and dad's subclade is R1b-Z36747. Dad belongs to the Little Scottish Cluster (R-S424 Project).

Potential relatives who have taken (or are thinking of taking) a genealogical DNA test, please contact me. 1st, 2nd, 3rd or even 4th cousins, it would be truly helpful if you would take a DNA test as it aids in narrowing down which side of the family to look at when working out how others match. It would be mutually beneficial as our tests would also help you to narrow down your own searches.