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This page forms part of the HIBBITT Family Tree.
Annie's Pedigree Chart of Direct Ancestors is available here.

William Frederick WAREHAM & Mary Ann SMALE

Husband: William Frederick WAREHAM 1
 7 MAR 1863
 in Parkstone, Dorset 2 3
 27 FEB 1882
 in The Register Office, District of Poole, Dorset 7
Father: Francis WAREHAM
Mother: Sarah KENT
Wife: Mary Ann SMALE 5
 ABT 1859
 in Black Torrington, Devon 6

Additional Information

William Frederick WAREHAM:
Alternative Name: Frederick William WAREHAM 4


  1. Birth Certificate.
    Name: William Frederick Wareham.
  2. Marriage Certificate.
    Twenty Seventh February 1882
    Age: 21 years [est birth year: 1861].
  3. Birth Certificate.
    Registration District: Poole Union
    Sub-district: Poole
    County: Dorset
    Date: 7th March 1863
    Place: Parkstone
    Name: William Frederick Wareham, boy
    Father: Francis Wareham, Potters Labourer
    Mother: Sarah Wareham formerly Kent
    Informant: Francis Wareham, Father, Parkstone
    Registered: 6th April 1863
    Regsitrar: H B Smith.
  4. Marriage Certificate.
    Groom: Frederick William Wareham.
  5. Ibid.
    Bride: Mary Ann Smale.
  6. Ibid.
    Twenty Seventh February 1882
    Age: 23 years [est birth year: 1859].
  7. Ibid.
    1882 Marriage solemnized at the Register Office in the District of Poole in the County of Dorset
    Twenty Seventh February 1882
    Groom: Frederick William Wareham, Age: 21 years, Bachelor, Profession: Market Gardener
    Groom's Father: Frances Wareham, Gardener
    Bride: Mary Ann Smale, Age: 23 years, Spinster
    Bride's Father: William Smale (deceased), Farm Labourer
    Residence (both): Parkstone, Dorset
    Married in the Register Office by Certificate before me
    Charles H Rolfs? Registrar, L Slade Supt Reg
    This marriage was solemnized between us
    X The Mark of Frederick William Wareham
    Mary Ann Smale
    in the Presence of us,
    Harry Brown
    Annie Lydia Brown.

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